Friday, 8 January 2010

Gare de Lion, Wil, Switzerland

Off again at last. I'm looking forward to a great year. 200 shows is the plan. Switzerland is a great place to start. I have my Eurorail pass and it's stress-free without a car I can tell you.

It's picture-postcard stuff here. Everything is super-perfect and pristine. Excellent quality. But uber-expensive. The shows pay well and as long as I don't buy anything I should be fine.

I was in Zurich yesterday and that's all watch shop and chocolate boxes and bankers offloading their bonuses and inflating everything. €5 for the cheapest of coffee. Everything is twice the price.

I'm all set for the travelling though. Honed my bags down to the bare essentials. It takes quite some thought I can tell you and my little luxuries (smoking jacket, slippers, etc.) had to stay behind. I still have too much. The fruit and the sleeping bag will have to go.

- - - - -
The show itself went well. I made the usual mistake of trying too many new things in my enthusiastic mood: new songs from the holidays, loop pedal, getting people onstage to sing along on one (no-one would), getting the crowd to sing along on another (half did). It was a nice venue. Good crowd and I sold quite a few CDs. Bodes well for the coming Swiss dates. All is well.

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