Saturday, 30 January 2010

La Salumeria del Rock, Arceto IT

- Surprise!
She was right. It was a surprise. We'd met in Amsterdam a few months ago and had a brief thing. I said she was welcome to join me on the road anytime, not thinking she would take me up on the offer, or would at least give me some warning. But no, here she was in  Reggio Emilia's crowded train station.
- I had to be in Pisa for a photo and saw that you were playing there so I thought I'd surprise you.
She came from Greece, she had a zest for knowledge. She studied sculpture, art and Butoh dance.
- I thought I'd come and see what life is like on the road.
She was disappointed. After three days of long train rides, long waits to play in small clubs, and me, someone who prefers to be on their own, to put it mildly, she flew back to Greece. It wasn't the romantic adventure she'd had in mind.

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