Sunday, 17 January 2010

Triebwerk, Wien Neustadt AU

First show of the year for the club. The only one this month. And they
normally book punk so it was very nice of them to have me. The booker
liked my story. Reminds me that it's always good to have a story.

A local (Ella pictured) opened up and we sang the encore together. I'm
adding a few more touches to the show like that, singalongs, whistles
and bells. Got to keep their attention. I've tried the loop pedal in
soundchecks but it seems to be malfunctioning.

There were a few more talkers in the audience than the other nights.
I'm getting better at picking on them. It's just like being a stand-
up, you have to instill a sense of fear in an audience or they won't
respect you.

The venue put me up in the towns hostel. This big old building in the
middle of the park. I was the only person there and it gave me the

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