Thursday, 14 January 2010

The rail way

On the train for real now (before I'd only been city-hopping in
Switzerland) and it's very nice I can tell you. My US work permit
meant that I could buy the Eurorail ticket from the States so it was
cheaper, and first class, go figure. The trains are pretty comfortable.
I can't believe I was originally going to drive it all. Through the
snow and ice. Getting into a cold car everyday. Worrying about where
to park it, and if it's going to get towed, ticketted or broken into.
As well as all the hours of concentration driving. I've toured Germany
before by car (and even campervan) and when I think how uncomfortable
and problematic that was (crashing the campervan and taking a car that
had Dutch summer tyres into East Germany stand out in the memory) I
curse those decisions. Never again. Europe is for the train.
I just found out that Canada would also work by train, but it's too
late as I already have shows planned and a car booked. Next year.

While the Austrian trains have Panorama carriages. And my guitar gets a first class seat. He likes it here. 

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