Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bag man

Two more shows to go before the US on Wednesday, but heading back to
Holland makes it feel like a chapter ending already.

I've improved so much over the last two months (it felt like a whole
lot longer). Mostly in the art of travelling. Every day I get a little
more relaxed and a little happier.

I started with a full bag and it got fuller. Books, guitar effects
pedals, small towel, pills, spices for cooking, porridge, spare
clothes, sleeping bag. Essentials that I would swear to you were
absolutely essential for my needs and well-being.

These were habits and objects that I would always have kept in my
house, but after a month of lifting a heavy bag up and downstairs and
there things in there you've never used, you start to wake up slowly.

Plus the fact that you're staying with people or in hotels that
already have most stuff. They gave me bedding and breakfast. There's
soap in everyone's shower (I only take a little).

All of which is only interesting to me because I'm the bag man.

I also bought a book called 'teach yourself Ayurveda'. If everyone
read this book, and followed the simple instructions, hospitals would
be empty.

As for the performing, which is a short thing I do at the end of the
day, that's been improving, as a result of me feeling better as much
as the repetition. I'm singing in a lower voice and the amusing songs
are fading out. I've written new songs and inevitably want to do them.
It's good I'm recording next week. I can put a lot of songs to bed and
move on.

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