Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dewey Beach, Delaware

Well this is very nice. I'm at a music conference and festival. 175 bands in just three nights. There's a great atmosphere with so many musicians. I think they outnumber everyone else. It's good for the locals as it's free entry to see the largest collection of tight trousers and long hair on the East Coast. And you have to wade through the band flyers and free CDs. 

 I play two shows tomorrow and they've given me good billing, even one of the photos on the front page of the programme (top hats open doors). It's a step up! I'm the only none North American act and it's mostly rock bands, and there's me with just my guitar so it's quite surreal.

It's fantastically well run with sponsors paying for everything. Normally you have to pay to get into these things! They even provide free food, drink and a motel for three nights. It's wonderful to dissolve into a room without worrying about keeping it clean for the person I'm staying with.

AND there are panels in the daytime for Q&As on booking, promoting, etc. That should be very useful.

AND it's all right off the beach.

Did I mention the free beer?

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