Sunday, 4 October 2009

Information overload

A beach! Everyone should have one. It's too hot to sit out today though.

That was the Dewey Beach Music Conference then. Phew, a hectic three days. I've got a couch 20 minutes away in Lewe so I can hang out at the local coffee shop and try to digest all the advice and contacts. It's been information overload.

Before I forget, here are the new tips I collected which might be useful if you're also performing. The panels covered from booking to recording but it mostly came down to the web:
  • college shows
  • Organise theme nights with similar artists
  • to get paid automatically for being played on internet radio
  • updates all social networks at once
  • find DJs
  • with a booking widget
  • Facebook music pages
  • digital distribution
  • finds blogs and feeds
  • blog
  • Tagging posts with good words
  • Reply with videos to popular videos on youtube
  • PWYC for merch
  • Merch packages ($30, $40 or $50)
  • Google analytics
  • Push lyrics more
  • Posed shots and live shots in press kits
  • Dotted lines on mailing lists make people write legibly (BIG TIP!)
  • Fans will pay more than the itunes price if it's just available on your website
  • Connect more with the bands you play with
  • Wear a name badge at conferences
  • Put the band name out front at shows
  • Contact people before and after conferences
  • After seeing hundreds of bands, it's the talking inbetween that is the most interesting part
  • Make a stunning merch case with lights and headphones
  • Keep a blog ;)

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