Thursday, 22 October 2009

A light in the tunnel

I got a phone call from Kevin in Philadelphia when I was in Des Moines, telling me how much everyone he plays it to loves the 'Debt Train', I recorded there. I'm so curious to hear it. It's just a song with three chords that repeats. I don't even play it live much, so that's great to here.

I've decided to go skip back there for more recording when I'm in New York, and then go again in December on the way back from Austin as it's such an opportunity. Kevin was a live touring engineer for years, with artists like Marilyn Manson, Debbie Harry, etc, and has a lot of contacts, and wants to shop the album or EP around to people. It would be great to get some help professional booking and promoting. It gets a bit much doing everything myself and doesn't leave much time for music.

- - - - -
In other news, I'm one of the featured artists on this week, which gets a lot of publicity.

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