Friday, 30 October 2009

The Perfect Wife, Manchester VT

My audience in Manchester.

It's nice to be back in Vermont. It's like the Lake District of
America. Except here there's skiing, which starts in about four weeks,
which is when I should come if I want a crowd. It was pretty empty
after this old crowd left the front table. Thankfully as they were
very loud and I didn't have a mic initially due to an organisational
oversight. It was my best paying gig of the tour so far so I didn't

I'm crashing at the owner's brothers place, a guy my age who's just
renovated a house in the woods. A very sharp little place, like
something straight out of Wallpaper.

I made it all 44 days without having to pay for one motel room!
Tomorrow is back to New York and off the road for a while.

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  1. Pleased to have made your acquaintance last night. Apologies the crowd was rather thin. Nonetheless, the assembled guests who were there were treated to a fine performance. Happy travels. There really is no place quite like NYC during Halloween. Do check out the parade - a must!!! -Stephen