Saturday, 31 October 2009

New York

Hello New York. What a time to be here. The Yankees are in the final of the World Series and people are singing the Jay Z/Alicia Keys song in the street, their new anthem.

I'm up in Queens, about half an hour on the metro from Manhattan, but it's a city in itself (I think). I have a room in the Wonderland, an artist commune/collective. Like a smart squat. Everyone's very friendly and it's quite clean, even though I did find a cockroach in my suitcase this morning. But for $40 a night in New York is worth it.

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  1. Hi Jack,

    I just stumbled into your blog by stumbleupon..very funny...perhaps it has something to do with Peter recommendation :) What I've read so far of your blot is interesting...I guess you're waking the traveller in me :)

    BTW the reason why I'm writing is because I just discovered this site called grooveshark...and I couldn't find your here's a link you can use if it has any interest: artists.grooveshark.coms

    Perhaps I'll see you around New Years - anyway "happy touring" :)

    /Saper - Peter&Gry's friend